The Language of Hell

Last posted on : september 7, 2020  by evensong


“Blasphemy is the language of hell because, as God speaks by the mouth of the saints, so the devil speaks by the mouth of blasphemers.” (St. Alphonsus de Liguori)

Blasphemy is an essential component of satan’s plan to destroy the Kingdom of Christ on earth.  This has long been a staple of the so-called entertainment industry; to slip at least one incident of blasphemy against the Lord, most especially in the form of “Jesus!” said sneeringly or vehemently and almost always by a protagonist. By this, Hollywood presents blasphemy of Our Savior’s name as a model to be emulated. This knee-jerk blasphemy is Hollywood’s tribute to their true master. And of course, the masses of people followed dutifully. The escalating rioting and destruction we are so dismayed by is the result of  the widespread blasphemy against Jesus Christ, Who alone is the source of peace and order.
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