Devotion to the Divine Infant Jesus

previously posted on : november 29, 2015  by : evensong

For today, I have a restored post from back in 2015 on devotion to the Holy Infant Jesus; a favorite devotion of mine and, I believe, a very good remedy for all this unhealthy focus on “educating” innocent children about the nastier side of life. We have somehow allowed the lunatics to run the asylum and no one seems able to stop this idiocy of forbidding any teaching of Christian culture while at the same time “teaching” them to appreciate the sleazier side of sexuality today.

And so, I offer this little post on devotion to the Divine Infant Jesus which is my antidote to the toxic public education agenda.  All around the world the Holy Infant is honored in the remaining outposts of Catholic culture. Whether it be Atocha, Cebu, Aracoeli or Prague, the Holy Child draws us by His perfect humility and loving obedience to Our Father in Heaven. Devotion to the Holy Infant is complementary to that of Fatima. Both call us to mortification, true humility and perfect obedience. And devotion to the Divine Infant is a necessary part of the devotion recommended by St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, the beloved Little Flower.

Devotion to the Infant Jesus originated in Spain and then spread to many countries in a variety of manifestations. Many saints have been favored with this devotion, notably St. Anthony of Padua/Lisbon, St. Teresa of Avila and St. St Thérèse of Lisieux and Sister Lucia of Fatima.

Here’s a bit of background on just a few of the numerous devotions to the Holy Infant Jesus:
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