The Centenary of Fatima and the Passion of the Church, 2023

On Father Malachi Martin, Pope Benedict XVI and the Third Secret of Fatima, Satan’s War for Christ’s Church.

By request, repost from 2017, still pertinent today.

Father Malachi Martin was bound, unfairly he believed, but nevertheless bound by an oath against revealing the Third Secret, or more properly, the third portion of the Secret of Fatima. But this chafed him so that he increasingly indicated insights into the secret’s meaning as time went by and the devil’s own chaos increased in the Church. It must have been a terrible burden to know that if only he were able to speak out, so many souls might have repented and been saved! But Father took solace in obedience, knowing as he did that it was by way of the arrogant disobedience of Popes that this assault from hell came about.

And so, even though bound by his oath, Father allowed certain insights. If we review all the hints he gave us in his books and interviews, they fall into a pattern roughly consisting of three portions,

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The Second Visit, June 13, 1917


“Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you.
My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”

On the feast of St. Anthony, June 13, 1917, Francisco, Jacinta and Lúcia returned as they had promised the Lady. At this visit, Our Lady made three requests:

“I wish you to come here on the 13th of next month, to pray the Rosary each day, and to learn how to read. Later, I will tell you what I want.”

Lúcia then ventured to make a courageous request:  “I would like to ask you to take us to Heaven.”

“Yes, I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon. But you are to stay here some time longer. Jesus wishes to make use of you to make Me known and loved. He wants to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. To whoever embraces this devotion I promise salvation; these souls shall be dear to God, as flowers placed by Me to adorn His throne.”

Lúcia:  “Am I to stay here alone?”

“No, My daughter. Do you suffer a great deal? Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”

Lúcia then tells us,

“As Our Lady spoke these last words, She opened Her hands and for the second time, She communicated to us the rays of that immense light. We saw ourselves in this light, as it were, immersed in God. Jacinta and Francisco seemed to be in that part of the light which rose towards Heaven, and I in that which was poured out on the earth.

“In front of the palm of Our Lady’s right hand was a heart encircled by thorns which pierced it. We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.

Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité comments on this sublime vision:

” …  through the rays coming forth from the hands of Mary, they saw themselves submerged in God … and in the great light of God, it was given to them to contemplate the secret of Mary, to see Her pierced Heart. ‘In front of the palm of Our Lady’s right hand was a heart encircled by thorns which pierced it. We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity, and seeking reparation.’ ” 

And here in this vision, we arrive at the very heart of the Message of Fatima, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged at the offenses to her Son and Savior, and offering a Mother’s tender love to reconcile her Son with those He came to save.

The fruit of the vision for the three seers was an intimate knowledge and an ardent love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lúcia says that it was like an infused virtue which was granted to them that day:  ‘I think that, on that day, the main purpose of this light was to infuse within us a special knowledge and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, just as on the two other occasions it was intended to do, as it seems to me, with regard to God and the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. From that day on, our hearts were filled with a more ardent love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’ “

Lúcia noted that little Jacinta especially was overflowing with fervor:  “From time to time she would say to me:  ‘The Lady said that Her Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God. Don’t you love that? Her Heart is so good! How I love it!’ ”

Years later, Lúcia said to Father Fuentes,

“Tell them Father, that my cousins Francisco and Jacinta sacrificed themselves because they always saw the Blessed Virgin very sad in all Her apparitions. While with us she never smiled, and this sadness, this anguish we noticed in her is because of offenses against God and the chastisements threatening sinners. This anguish of hers penetrated our soul; in our childish imaginations we could hardly think of enough ways to pray and make sacrifices.”

In that same interview, Lúcia said of devotion to the Immaculate Heart,

“Finally, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Most Holy Mother, consists in considering Her as the seat of mercy, of goodness and of pardon, and as the certain door by which we are to enter Heaven.”

In this Second Visit, Our Lady tells us:

“Jesus … wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”

Note, Our Lady says, “Jesus wants”.  She does not present it as a mere suggestion. No – she says clearly “Jesus wants to establish”. That means that it is a request from Our Lord Jesus Christ for the Church to establish, that is, formally propagate and enrich with indulgences, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Has this been done? And what of the First Saturdays? A century has passed … Indeed, it is late …

The year before this apparition, the Angel of Fatima made three visits  to speak of the “Hearts of Jesus and Mary”, thus preparing for this moment when Our Lady announced that Jesus “wants to establish in the world” devotion to the Immaculate Heart of His Beloved Mother. The revelations of Fatima, especially the mystical vision at Tuy,  prove that devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the desire of the Most Holy Trinity.  Yet today, the Church still has not established, devotion to the Immaculate Heart. For 100 years it has been left to individuals and groups while the Vatican occupies itself elsewhere.

It is a tragic misconception for Catholics to dismiss devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a mere “private revelation” that is optional. Far from it, Fatima’s message is the last opportunity we are given to obey God. Our Lady, as she showed at her great Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, stands before God imploring mercy for us, poor sinners. God’s justice demands that if we, this sinful world, are to benefit from her merciful intervention, we must at the very least obey our Mother’s request.

When I think on this logically, and search through the prophecies,, especially the Apocalypse, I do not see any reason to believe that the ongoing and accelerating chastisement can be mitigated at this point. But when I spend time with Our Lady, heart to heart, I realize that our Lord’s tender love for us always responds to our contrite and loving hearts.

And so, I do not believe then, that it is too late to turn, contritely, penitently, to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and ask their help to convert our recalcitrant hearts to their service. It is not possible to pray our Rosary every day, to spend that much time with Our Lady, and not believe that she will help us, if we are trying our best to obey. Her love will never fail us, and so we pray with confidence!

As we continue to commemorate Our Lady of the Rosary’s six visits to the little saints of Fatima in 1917, we shall see that this second  visit in which Our Lady offered  Lúcia, Francisco and Jacinta devotion to her Immaculate Heart, was to prepare them for the third visit, in which Hell is revealed in all its everlasting horror. With every Rosary, let us thank her for calling us to be the ones to draw near to her, to pray her Rosary and offer our small sacrifices in reparation for sins and for the conversion of sinners.  Our Lady offers us her heart today even as the world seems intent on marching to its damnation. But for us, well, we pray for them always, and trust them to Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mother Most Merciful.

Think on this,

“Jesus wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.
To whoever embraces this devotion, I promise salvation.”


True devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary requires the total commitment to practice the devotion of her Immaculate Heart, which is humility, purity and obedience. When the Consecration is performed with impure hands, impure and prideful hearts, it still has some efficacy, it still draws down graces, but by that very act, this pure light of God reveals the corruption that was hidden. But the grace abides and will, in time, restore the Church.

This year, more than ever before, there is a concerted attack on the message of Fatima, much of it subtle attacks under the guise of supporting Our Lady. And so, we must keep this message alive in our hearts, Jesus wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. To whoever embraces this devotion, I promise salvation.” Yes! He has, since His apparitions to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, desired to reign publicly, in the governments, churches, homes and hearts of His subjects. He has waited patiently, for centuries now. And at Fatima, He entrusted to His Mother the task of bringing us back to Him. For these two Hearts are one, cor unum. She is our sure path to Him. We are so blessed to abide in this love!

On our own, in this wretched mess created by the arrogant pride of disobedient prelates, we do not stand a chance of returning to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but with Mary, we know that Triumph is near – Take Heart! And take her hand!

Fatima was a request from Heaven to return to the practice of the true faith with humility and obedience,  Our Lord gave us His Mother, who is the Model of humility and obedience to be our refuge and sure path to return to His love; all we have to do is humble ourselves and obey. Not seek out new devotions, but humbly obey the ones which are called for.

Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Open your hearts to the Lord and serve Him only: and He will free you from the hands of your enemies. With all your heart return to Him, and take away from your midst any strange gods” (I Kings 7:3)

  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.

  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come, Viva Cristo Rey!

  St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, protect our families, protect our priests!

  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!

A Secret of Grace and Mercy

previously posted on July 22, 2021 by evensong

The following essay is from the conclusion of the third volume, “The Whole Truth About Fatima – The Third Secret” of the Fatima series,  by Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite.

Frere Michel wrote these words in 1985 and as we read them prayerfully, considering the ensuing demolition of the faith since then, we cannot be indifferent! And yet so many who “consider themselves” faithful Catholics, even Catholic leaders, are indifferent. I have no facile answer for this mystery of iniquity which is even now working within and against the faith. Only prayer, sacrifice and obedience to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Having reached the end of our inquiry, we are able to discern, with near certainty, the essential elements of Our Lady’s final Secret: While “in Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved”, in many nations, perhaps in almost the entire world, the Faith will be lost.

The pastors of the Church will fail gravely in the duties of their office. Through their fault consecrated souls and the faithful in great number will let themselves be seduced by pernicious errors spread everywhere. This will be the time of the decisive battle between the Blessed Virgin and the devil.

A wave of diabolical disorientation will be hurled over the world. Satan will introduce himself even to the highest summit of the Church. He will blind the minds and harden the hearts of pastors. For God will deliver them to themselves as a chastisement for their refusal to obey the requests of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This will be the great apostasy predicted for the “last times”; the “False Lamb” and “False Prophet” will betray the Church to the profit of “the Beast”, according to the prophecy of the Apocalypse. Does perhaps the Secret also announce some of the chastisements prophesied by the Scriptures for the “last times”?

Perhaps it evokes the persecutions which the Holy Father will have to suffer, when he “will return” to “confirm his brethren”, and finally obey Our Lady’s requests.

If for the essentials such is indeed the true content of Our Lady’s final Secret, nothing is so important, so necessary, so urgent as to make known the text in its limpid truth, in its full prophetic richness, in its divine profundity and transcendence. For between everything we could say about it, and the very words of the Queen of Prophets, there is of course an abyss! It is the abyss separating the shadow from the reality of which it is the projection. Yes, it is only too evident: everything we have been able to patiently discover about the contents of the third Secret only further highlights the urgent necessity for its publication.

And if we are mistaken? If the third Secret of Fatima announced, in reality, something completely different from what we have surmised ? If in all the facts we have brought, all the proofs we have presented, one desired to see only pure calumniatory suppositions, insulting for the pastors of the Church and for the Holy Father himself?

Well, our answer is simple. It concerns the Secret of Mary. And we know that Her will has not changed one iota since the hour of grace of July 13, 1917, when She revealed it to the three shepherds, since January 2, 1944, when, appearing to Sister Lucia in her convent at Tuy, She asked her to write the text. She wants this prophetic oracle to be revealed, to be known.


For it is a Secret of grace and mercy for the good of souls, for the salvation of Holy Church. If we are mistaken, if we are misleading the faithful by false hypotheses, stirring up vain fears, nothing is easier for Rome than to dispel them for good, in the only way which can convince everybody: by finally letting Our Lady speak through the publication of Her Secret! “Roma locuta est; causa finita est”. Rome would have passed on to us, with all the guarantees of their authenticity, the words of our Heavenly Mother. The cause would have been heard.

But as long as this disclaimer is not given to us – and we have no fear that it will be, because the truth which will be revealed then cannot contradict the truths we have discovered – we will continue to see in the first Secret of Mary an urgent appeal to conversion; in the second, Heaven’s response to the Bolshevik revolution; and in the third, the prophetic prediction of the apostasy which preceded, accompanied and followed the conciliar Reform.

This is why we will continue untiringly to request the Holy Father for its publication, sure that the publication of this message from Heaven will mark the dawn of the Church’s recovery. While we wait – it will perhaps be said to us – you are only increasing the crushing burden of the Holy Father, who is overwhelmed with so much anguish and so many cares!

[Note: In this portion, Frere Michel is speaking of Pope John Paul II, the pope at the time he was writing, whose motto was “Totus Tuus”.]

To this we answer simply: if our Holy Father the Pope is completely dedicated to Mary, completely devoted to Her, “Totus tuus”, as he proclaims in his motto, ” I am all Thine, O Mary!”, and if it is true, on the other hand – as we indeed want to believe – that he is justly filled with anguish at the sight of “the auto-destruction of the Church” which has gone on uninterruptedly since 1960,  disturbed over the “smoke of Satan” which has invaded the Holy Place,  afraid of the storm which threatens, more than at any moment in its history, to sink the Barque of Peter, if he is completely lucid on the perils of the hour – as he has a duty to be – what could he do better than correspond to the most express order of Our Lord – the Sovereign Master of the Barque, Who alone can command the sea and the waves – by finally obeying the desires of His Most Holy Mother?


Let him go once more to Fatima on pilgrimage, not at all to make any new discourses, but quite simply to say this:

“My dear children, we are in anxiety. The true Faith is being lost. Souls are being damned. The peace of the world is threatened. If we are not converted, we will soon undergo the terrible chastisements we have merited. I am going to read to you the Secret of Our Heavenly Mother. Here is the truthful account which the seer left us of the third apparition of Our Lady, that of July 13, 1917:

“As Our Lady spoke these last words, She opened Her hands once more, as She had done during the two previous months. The rays of light seemed to penetrate the earth, and we saw as it were a sea of fire. Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form… Terrified and as if to plead for succour, we looked up at Our Lady, who said to us, so kindly and so sadly:

“You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one willbreak out in the reign of Pius XI.

“When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and the Holy Father.

“To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays.”

“If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

“In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved .”

(And to read, finally, the mysterious Secret…)

“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world .”

(The Pope will then continue)

“This is why I have decided to accomplish ‘a solemn act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and to order all the bishops of the Catholic world equally to do so.’  I have also decided ‘to approve and recommend the practice of the reparatory devotion of the five first Saturdays of the month’ in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Would this not be the most simple, the most holy and the most effective of all discourses? To be sure, the divisions, the controversies and disputes from which the Mystical Body of Christ suffers so cruelly would not thereby disappear overnight. But in a single blow, a divine light would be shed on them. The Blessed Virgin would have spoken. The Blessed Virgin shall have spoken, for it must happen – even if it is late, very late – that the Sovereign Pontiff finally decides on this final recourse.

Then, those who dare to proclaim themselves against the message of the Queen of Heaven , which is so limpid, so prophetic, and bears within itself the unquestionable marks of its divine origin, will be justly “disqualified”. And we will see where the true children of Mary are the true servants of the Church, the true defenders of the Holy Father when he decides to act with courage and prudence to fulfill his entire duty as Vicar of Christ, infallibe Guardian of the dogmas of the faith, and humble servant of Mary, Queen of Apostles.

It is then a challenge, and more than a challenge, a prayer which we must unceasingly address to the Supreme Pastor, … to make known to us finally, the last warning of the Immaculate One, Mother of Mercy. As sons of the Church we are children of Mary, and we have the right to know the message which our Mother addresses to us to guard us and strengthen us in Faith, Hope and Love, in such a perilous time when the true Faith is being lost, when Hope is waning and the Charity of many is growing cold and dying.


Our conclusion is simple: the final Secret of Mary is a terrible Secret, but a truthful and salutary one. As long as it is not revealed, the Church will continue, inexorably, heading toward its ruin. It will be buried, irremediably, in the abyss of apostasy. …

The scorn for Mary’s final Secret by the pastors of the Church, and consequently, their refusal to obey Her requests, have gone hand in hand with their own increasingly grave deficiencies. And this is not astonishing, for God cannot fill with His graces of light and strength, servants who are rebellious to His will. The despised prophetic warning… has therefore been fulfilled. …

There is something even more important than the third Secret: it is the “Secret of secrets” which is, so to speak, the soul of the Fatima message, their incandescent hearth, capable of enlightening, with its ardent flame, our benighted times. It is the Secret which Jacinta recalled to her cousin as a last testament, shortly before Jacinta left her for Lisbon to die:

“Tell everybody that God grants us graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that people are to ask Her for them, and that the Heart of Jesus wants the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be venerated at His side.”

It is the admirable Secret of the mediation of Grace and Mercy by the Immaculate Heart of our Heavenly Mother. in the words of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, “It is a Secret almost unknown to nearly everybody”,  and which, however, is addressed to each one. As Sister Lucia says so wonderfully:

“I always remember the great promise that fills me with joy: ‘I will never leave you alone. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way which will lead you to God.’ I believe that this promise is not for myself alone, but for all souls who want to take refuge in the Heart of their Heavenly Mother, and let themselves be led along the paths marked out by Her…” 

Frere Michel continues,

With all the desired clarity, we will indicate this “port of salvation for all the shipwrecked of this world”, as the seer says again, making clear what Our Lady of Fatima asks of us here and now , that we may follow Her on the road to Heaven, taking with us “all the souls whom God has placed on our path”. Note: Sister Lucia said the foregoing in her final interview with Father Fuentes which we have posted previously.

Thus we will work in the most effective manner to hasten the hour of triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, necessary prelude to the universal reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As Saint Maximilian Kolbe said:

“Modern times are dominated by Satan, and they will be even more so in the future. Only the Immaculate has received from God the promise of victory over Satan . But in the glory of Heaven, She needs our cooperation today. She looks for souls who will consecrate themselves entirely to Her, and become in Her hands a force to conquer Satan, and the instruments to bring about the kingdom of God.” [end quote]

Note: Frere Michel wrote this essay at Maison Saint-Joseph July 13, 1985, on the  Anniversary of the revelation of the Secret. He has since become a priest in a monastery in France where he continues to use the “the most effective manner” of working for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is why I have worked to get his words out to the world in the only way I found possible.

“At the present time, the occupants of the Vatican continue in their efforts to demolish the institutional Church and satan is more powerful in the world than ever before, but there is much, much more to come  very soon. We will see the very forces of Nature respond to the arrogance of these foolish men who seek to control human life.”

Thank you for reading – please share with others!

‘I will never leave you alone. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way which will lead you to God.’

Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Open your hearts to the Lord and serve Him only: and He will free you from the hands of your enemies. With all your heart return to Him, and take away from your midst any strange gods.” (I Kings 7:3)

 ✝︎  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.
✝︎  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! Viva Cristo Rey!
✝︎  St. Joseph, protect us, protect our families, protect our priests.
✝︎ St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!

Mary’s Promise

May 13, 1917 Mary’s Promise
originally posted on : may 13, 2019  by : evensong
One hundred and three years and counting . . .

“You are going to suffer a great deal, but the grace of God will be your comfort.”

Our Lady’s words to Lúcia, Francisco and Jacinta echo down the long years since then. Although Francisco and Jacinta saw a quick end to their trials, Lúcia’s suffering was protracted and seems especially poignant to us today. For Lúcia was to experience disobedience to the message of Our Lady and the tragic betrayal of the Church by Popes and Bishops, the sly derision of theologians, the crass opportunism of some of the laity and the bovine indifference of most of the rest. Thus, she accompanied Our Lord and His Blessed Mother in their suffering. I look forward to the day when we all shall see what an extraordinary saint Lúcia is!

Lúcia, Francisco and Jacinta were declared saints by the Immaculate Mother of God from the very start of the Fatima message. They have no need of a “Holy Father” of this sort who offers no more relevance for them than Caiphas and Herod had for our dear Savior. Lúcia still has much to teach us as we prepare to face the consequences of the Church’s betrayal of Our Lady of the Rosary.

May 13, 1917, the day the world changed and no one noticed …
An offer made, an offer ignored …
such a small thing … as they say, “the devil’s in the details” …

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Fatima’s Message is Obedience, 2021

Saturday, Nov. 27:  I have added a note on a comment rejected at bottom of post. Thank you.

Fatima’s Message is Obedience.

The reason for stating it now is that it seems to be getting overlooked in many commentaries. For instance; much is made of the Third Secret of Fatima, whether it was completely revealed by the Vatican in 2000, and myriad speculations about what may have been unrevealed, and why that may have occurred.

Into the mix, we have the recent interview with Bishop Fellay with  Maike Hickson, published by 1P5. Today, Feb. 10, 2018, the Society posted the interview on their site, here. One pertinent excerpt:

Hickson: . . . “What is, in your own view, the reason for the continued hesitancy of those people in the Church who could disclose, for the greater good, much more information? What do they still have to fear or to lose? Would such a disclosure not be an act of mercy toward the suffering Church in this deep crisis?”

Bishop Bernard Fellay: “I remember that Sr. Lucy, in an interview with a cardinal from India in the mid-1990s, was very afraid that the Pope would publish the Secret. She said, if she were to give the Holy Father advice, she would caution great prudence. If, for instance, the text contained something like the coming of the Antichrist or something else quite serious that would cast grave doubt on the authority of the Church, it could be a reason the same authorities are hesitant to publish this. I don’t pretend these examples are the case; I am simply speculating as to what some possible reasons might be for not releasing it.”

Since the interview was published,  readers have asked; Does this mean that we are not to pray for the release of the Third Secret? If Sister Lucia does not want us to know the secret, what was Fatima about? Is Fatima no longer relevant?

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The Centenary of Fatima and the Passion of the Church, 2021

On Father Malachi Martin, Pope Benedict XVI and the Third Secret of Fatima, Satan’s War for Christ’s Church.

By request, repost from 2017, still pertinent today.

Father Malachi Martin was bound, unfairly he believed, but nevertheless bound by an oath against revealing the Third Secret, or more properly, the third portion of the Secret of Fatima. But this chafed him so that he increasingly indicated insights into the secret’s meaning as time went by and the devil’s own chaos increased in the Church. It must have been a terrible burden to know that if only he were able to speak out, so many souls might have repented and been saved! But Father took solace in obedience, knowing as he did that it was by way of the arrogant disobedience of Popes that this assault from hell came about.

And so, even though bound by his oath, Father allowed certain insights. If we review all the hints he gave us in his books and interviews, they fall into a pattern roughly consisting of three portions,

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Bishop da Silva on the First Saturdays 1939

Today we have a new post which we offer as an example of how Sister Lucia’s attempts to make known Our Lady of Fatima’s message were obstructed from the start. Sister Lucia had urged Bishop da Silva to establish the devotion of the First Saturdays of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for some years, and he had responded with vague promises. From Frere  Michel’s The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. II,  we see how the Church authorities  disobeyed Our Lady even while appearing to obey.

Bishop da Silva had several reasons for passing from promises to action. First, there was the painful trial of bad health which had dangerously threatened him in July of 1939. Then there was the declaration of war on September 3, which may have led to fears that perhaps Portugal also might, in spite of itself, get sucked into the war. Finally, there was the promising dawn of the new pontificate, which gave some reason to believe that the Holy Father might be more favourable to Fatima.

During the pilgrimage of September 13, Bishop da Silva decided to inform the thousands of pilgrims at the Cova da Iria of the devotion of reparation on the five first Saturdays of the month. Shortly afterwards, he published it in Voz da Fatima.

Bishop da Silva wrote to Sister Lucia shortly after to inform her. He was clearly pleased at having finally accomplished this act, which had been requested by the seer for over ten years: Continue reading “Bishop da Silva on the First Saturdays 1939”

Pope Pius XII and the Miracle of the Sun, 2021

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Did you know that Our Lady of Fatima favored Pope Pius XII with his own personal “Miracle of the Sun”? Why do you think that she did this?

The following is from Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité’s “The Whole Truth About Fatima, Volume III, The Third Secret”.

On October 29, (1950) the statue of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima, which had just visited several nations of Asia, arrived at Rome. On the following morning, October 30, 35 Cardinals and over 450 bishops had met in consistory around the Sovereign Pontiff, who for the first time officially informed them of his intention of defining the dogma of the Assumption very soon. At the end of his allocution, Pope Pius XII consulted the successors of the apostles one last time, “is it therefore pleasing to you, Venerable brethren, that we proclaim and solemnly define as a dogma revealed by God, the bodily Assumption of the Blessed virgin Mary into heaven?” After receiving their unanimous assent, the Pope gave thanks.

On the very same day, Monday, October 30, after this solemn decision, while the Madonna of Fatima had stopped for three days in the church of Casaletto, right behind the Vatican gardens on land belonging to the Holy See, on the anniversary of the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary eight years earlier, it was given to the Holy Father to contemplate the same extraordinary spectacle that 70,000 pilgrims had seen at the Cova da Iria on October 13, 1917. Here is the account written shortly afterwards by Pius XII himself.

“It was October 30, 1950, two days before the day of the solemn definition of the Most Holy Virgin Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, the day which the entire Catholic world was awaiting impatiently. (On this 30th of October), around four o’clock in the afternoon, I took my usual walk in the Vatican gardens, reading and studying various official papers as usual. I went up the esplanade of Our Lady of Lourdes to the top of the hill, in the passage on the right near the walls.

“At a certain moment, having lifted my eyes above the papers I had in my hand, I was struck by a phenomenon I had never seen before. The sun, which was fairly high, looked like a pale yellow opaque globe completely surrounded by a luminous halo, which nevertheless did not prevent me at all from staring attentively at the sun without the slightest discomfort. A very light cloud was before it.

“The opaque globe began moving outwards, slowly turning over upon itself, and going from left to right and vice versa. But within the globe very strong movements could be seen in all clarity and without interruption. The same phenomenon repeated itself on the following day, October 31. ..”

Then,  Frère Michel tells us, Pope Pius XII recounts that,

“The same phenomenon … took place on November 1, the day of the definition (of the Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and then on November 8, the Octave Day of the Solemnity. Since then, nothing more.” (pages 282-286)

In recent news, Father Charles Murr, author of “The Godmother: Mother Pascalina, a feminine tour de force” , related Mother’s memory of the Holy Father’s response to the visions, summed up in one word: “Apostasy”.

Since these apparitions were only seen by Pope Pius XII, they were strictly personal in nature and for his benefit primarily. Logically, one assumes they were given by Heaven as a warning and also as an encouragement to comply with the Queen of Heaven’s requests for promotion of the First Saturdays of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the Consecration of Russia to be done fully in compliance with Our Lady’s clear instructions. This was never done correctly, many believe this was because of the secret concordat which the Secretary of State, Cardinal Montini, the future Paul VI, made with the communist leaders of the former USSR. 

All the errors that have entered into the Church, from Vatican II onwards are due to the blindness of disobedient prelates. Please pray and offer penance for these stubborn, blinded men who are leading so many poor souls into destruction. It seems that most Catholics prefer blind obedience to their pontiff, no matter how absurd and unchristian his teachings to the painful work of learning the full truth about Fatima and following the commands of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother.

The Consecration of Russia will never be accomplished until enough Catholics repent their indifference and worldliness, be re-converted to the Faith and make reparation. We must  pray for the Pope and make reparation for him, and offer many rosaries for him, so that we may all repent, be converted and saved. The poor pope, blinded by the Lord of the World, cannot help us or even help himself. He needs our prayers; all the hierarchy needs our prayers and sacrifices. And we all must pray every day for Our Lady to grant the Pope and Bishops the grace to repent and obey her commands to Consecrate Russia.

Now, as never before, the Church needs generous souls with a penitential spirit to make of all their actions, indeed their very lives, an oblation of penance in reparation for our own sins, the sins of our families, and especially the sins of the Church. Nothing at all can be accomplished without our sacrifices united to, and offered through, the Immaculata.

Previously posted October 31, 2016.

Thank you for reading, I pray for you always!

Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners.

  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.

  Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come! Viva Cristo Rey!

†  St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, protect our families!

  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!

Frère Michel on the Age of Apostasy, updated 2021

Today, another post from our archives.

Father Malachi Martin and Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité could have had an interesting discussion, couldn’t they? You all know very well Father Martin’s writings (link) about the enthronement which occurred in the reign of Paul VI. Let’s keep it in mind as we review what Frère Michel tells us here:


It is Jesus Himself Who first predicted this terrible crisis of the Faith which will open the “last times”. Along with famines and earthquakes, wars and persecutions, Our Lord clearly predicts that there will also be grave deficiencies even within the Church:

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation, and will put you to death; and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will fall away, and will betray one another, and will hate one another. And many false prophets will arise, and will lead many astray. And because iniquity will abound, the charity of the many will grow cold. But whoever perseveres to the end, he shall be saved.” (Mt. 24: 9-13)

“… For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have foretold it to you.” (Mt. 24: 24)

Finally, we are familiar with these intriguing words of Jesus:

“… But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?” (Luke 18,8)

This question of Our Lord, explained by His other prophecies on the last times – which are utterly definite and unconditional – takes on an even more dramatic resonance. The apostasy will come, Jesus evokes its most extreme extension, and He leaves us in uncertainty.


The Apostles understood this tragic teaching very well. There are countless texts where they evoke this menacing apostasy. They multiply warnings against its artisans, the false prophets and false doctors of all sorts, who come from the Church’s very bosom and are already at work against Her, striving furiously to destroy the Faith of the faithful. But “in the last days”, they make it clear, the false prophets will multiply most dangerously. We must reread chapters II and III of Saint Peter’s Second Epistle:

“But there were false prophets also among the people, just as among you there will be lying teachers who will bring in destructive sects. They even disown the Lord Who bought them, thus bringing upon themselves swift destruction.” (2 Pet. 2: 1)

“This first you must know, that in the last days there will come deceitful scoffers, men walking according to their own lusts, saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.”… But beloved, do not be ignorant of this one thing, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord does not delay in His promises, but for your sake is long-suffering, not wishing that any should perish but that all should turn to repentance.” (2 Pet. 3: 3-9)

We must reread Saint Jude, taking up the same theme:

“Be mindful of the words that have been spoken beforehand by the apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who kept saying to you that at the end of time there will come scoffers, walking impiously according to their desires.” (Jude 17)

As for Saint John, he denounces “the Antichrist who is coming”, and the many antichrists who have already come, as his precursors and first manifestations.  Saint Paul is no less insistent, from the beginning of his ministry until his last epistles to Timothy and Titus. He attacks the heretics who trouble his churches as the first of a long line of “deceitful spirits and liars”, who will go on multiplying during the “last times”.  He writes to Timothy:

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in the last times some will depart from the Faith (literally: ‘apostatize from the Faith’), giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of devils, and having their conscience branded …” (1 Tim. 4: 1-2)

“But know this, that in the last days dangerous times will come.” Saint Paul goes on to describe the growing iniquity mentioned by Our Lord. How relevant that picture is! And note well – he is not speaking about the pagans, but about Christians at the time of the great apostasy. He continues: “Men will be lovers of self, haughty, covetous, proud, blasphemous, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, criminal, heartless, faithless, slanderous, incontinent, merciless, unkind, treacherous, stubborn, puffed up with pride, loving pleasure more than God; having a semblance indeed of piety, but disowning its power.” (2 Tim. 3: 1-5)

In other words, under a surface piety, they will be overcome by the impiety around them and will fall into apostasy, often by way of deceitful teachers and their own curiosity for knowledge.

The apostle continues:

“For there will come a time when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but having itching ears, will heap up to themselves teachers according to their own lusts, and they will turn away their hearing from the truth and turn aside rather to fables.” (2 Tim. 4: 3-4)

An attentive reading of all these texts shows clearly that the Apostles, using the occasion of those who were stirring up trouble in their own time, definitely intended to give a more vast and prophetic teaching. “There will come a time…”, says Saint Paul.


If, as we have shown, the third Secret announces a terrible crisis of the Church, the loss of Faith on the scale of nations or entire continents, does it not correspond, in a striking manner, to the prophecies of Scripture concerning the apostasy of the “last times”? Perhaps it even refers to them in an explicit enough manner.

Sister Lucia, as we have seen, was not afraid to tell Father Fuentes that Our Lady’s messages imply that we have entered ‘the last times of the world’. We now have a solid proof that this theme really belongs to the third Secret, in Cardinal Ratzinger’s declaration to Vittorio Messori, in August 1984. After stating that he had read the Secret, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith answered the journalist, who had asked why this Secret was still not revealed:

“Because, according to the judgment of the Popes, it adds nothing to what a Christian must already know from revelation: a radical call to conversion, the absolute gravity of history, dangers threatening the faith and life of the Christian, and therefore the world. And also the importance of the ‘last times’… But the things contained in this third Secret correspond to what is announced in Scripture…”

Here we have a declaration of capital importance! Granted, the Cardinal could have spoken without circumlocutions and told us simply, without ambiguous periphrases, what themes properly belong to the third Secret. It is clear however that in his enumeration, three elements, which cannot be connected with the message of Fatima already known, certainly refer us to the specific contents of the third Secret.

They are:

  1. “Dangers to the faith.”
  2. “The importance of the last times.”
  3. The fact that the prophecies “contained in the third Secret correspond to what is announced in Scripture.” This is tantamount to stating in a different way that the third Secret concerns the “last times”.

What, in effect, are the prophecies of Scripture which have not yet been fulfilled, if not those which concern “the last times”?

Besides, as we will have occasion to repeat, there is the series of great manifestations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary (from 1673 to 1689); at the dawn of the 18th century, there is the extraordinary mission of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Apostle of Mary Mediatrix, and prophet of Her apocalyptic role in the great battle of the last times, whose imminence he foresaw; and in the nineteenth century there is the series of great apparitions of the Immaculate Virgin, especially those of Rue du Bac, La Salette, Lourdes – all these are situated in this context of the “last times of the world”,  preparing the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the striking victory of Christ the King, for the inauguration of the spiritual, social and political reign of Their two united Hearts.

Did not Heaven propose the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and then devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to revive in souls charity, which had grown so cold  “in these last centuries”, and in some way propose them as the two final and divine remedies to the growing iniquity and menacing impiety?


Since we have good reasons to think that the sad times we are living in really are “the last times”, marked by apostasy, the prophecies of Scripture are most especially addressed to us, and we would be inexcusable not to seek there our light, strength, and consolation in the great trial coming. So let us continue to listen, with docility, to the teaching of the Apostles on the future awaiting us…


The Apostle is speaking to his Christians of Thessalonica, who were persuaded of the imminent coming, or “parousia”, of Our Lord. No, he answers them, it is still not here. And here is the vitally important text, concerning the apostasy of the last times:

“Let no one deceive you in any way, for the day of the Lord will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the Man of sin (the Man of impiety) is revealed, the Son of perdition, the Adversary, who opposes and is exalted above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sits in the temple of God and gives himself out as if he were God.” (2 Thess. 2: 3-4)

Let us leave aside, for a moment, the verses dealing with the obstacle to his appearance, to describe right away his coming and his work:

“And his coming (i.e. the coming of the Impious one) is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not received the love of truth that they might be saved. Therefore God sends them a misleading influence that they may believe falsehood, that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have preferred wickedness.” (2 Thess. 2: 9)


We can say Antichrist, although the word is not from Saint Paul, since all the exegetes are in accord in identifying the Impious one he speaks of with the Antichrist, whom Saint John speaks about in his epistles.  Who is he, this artisan of apostasy? Saint Paul uses three terms to define him.

  1. The first is difficult to translate: “o anthrôpos tês anomias”, the Man of Sin, of Impiety. The Greek term is more general and richer than all our translations: it is the Lawless man, in revolt against all laws, divine as well as human. He is the Impious one and the Revolutionary, in this sense, that he refuses to submit to all authority inasmuch as it derives from God, as well as all divine law: “I will not serve!” he cries. Parallel expressions well express the content of the word: he is the man “without faith or law”, whose motto is “neither God nor a master”… other than himself.
  1. This man is not only impious, he is an apostate, that is, a traitor: the term employed by Saint Paul, “the Son of perdition”, “o uios tês apôleias”, undoubtedly is reminiscent of Our Lord’s words, reported to us by Saint John: in this way Jesus designated Judas, the Apostle who was going to betray Him. (Jn. 17: 12) In almost all the passages of Scripture dealing with the apostasy, we find this insistence on the betrayal of the Church by the faithful, and even the Pastors.

Thus does Saint Paul denounce the “false apostles”, writing to the Corinthians:

“For they are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light. It is no great thing, then, if his ministers disguise themselves as ministers of justice. But their end will be according to their works.” (2 Cor. 11: 13)

Bidding his adieus to the elders of the Church of Ephesus, he solemnly warns them:

“Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit has placed you as bishops, to rule the Church of God, which He has purchased with His own Blood. I know that after my departure fierce wolves will get in among you, and will not spare the flock. And from among your own selves men will rise speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them. Watch, therefore…” (Acts 20: 28-31)

Saint Paul, following an increasing progression in his description, finally applies to this “Man of Sin” the very name of the devil: he is “the Adversary”, “Satan”, whose henchman he is. Saint John tells us of Judas, who had decided to betray Jesus: “Satan entered into him…” (Jn. 13: 37; Lk. 22: 3) Similarly, the Antichrist is the instrument of Satan, “who communicates his superhuman power to him, a little like the way the Spirit of Christ communicates itself to Christians”, comments Father Rigaux.  As in the Apocalypse, the Dragon, symbol of Satan, confers his power on the Beast, who symbolizes the powers in his service. (Apoc. 13: 12)


Before the second coming, the parousia of Christ, must come that of the Impious one. (2 Thess. 2: 1, 9) However, his diabolical work has already begun: “the mystery of iniquity is already at work”. (2 Thess. 2: 7)

Already, in secret, the Powers of evil foment the apostasy. Saint John teaches exactly the same thing: “You have heard that an Antichrist is coming; so now many antichrists have arisen…” (1 Jn. 2: 18) “… It is the spirit of Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he is coming, and now is already in the world.” (1 Jn. 4: 3) All the heretics that the Apostles denounce appear to them already as so many manifestations, embodiments of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is not an impersonal force. He never acts except through concrete persons. But he is not alone. The principle of unity is Satan, who inspires all his instruments, and makes them work in his service. What is clear, for Saint Paul as well as Saint John, is that every arch-heretic is already an antichrist, and every heresy is at bottom diabolically inspired.  

[Ed: What does this tell us today about Pope Francis and his shameless promotion of the arch-heretic Luther and his eulogising of the satanic communist Castro?  And now, most lately, this unfortunate man’s promotion of Judas as his own patron saint. We cannot but wonder, what force inspires this pope?]

This does not exclude that at the end of time, a “Son of perdition” will appear, who will embody within himself all satanic malice and perversity. He will lead the struggle against the Church to its paroxysm, and provoke the universal apostasy.


Finally, at the end of an unstinting battle, there will come a day when “the mystery of iniquity” will seem completely victorious. The apostasy being quasi universal, the Man of Sin will manifest himself openly and bring the Impiety to its fullness. This will be his “revelation”, his great “manifestation”, a diabolical aping of Christ’s manifestation. Saint Paul tells us that he will go so far that he will “sit in the temple of God and give himself out as if he were God”. (2 Thess. 2: 3-4)

These are very mysterious words. An old commentator asks: “But what will be this temple of God in which he will sit? Perhaps it will be one of the most august churches of Rome, such as Saint Peter’s basilica, or perhaps the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem…”

These words are all the more horrible since the text does not suggest a profanation coming from a persecuting power, such as Antiochus Epiphanes. It is in the naos, that is, the part of the temple where only the priests could enter, that the Impious one will sit – in other words, in the very heart of the Church. Moreover, the word kathisai does not include any nuance of usurpation by violence. It seems that he must sit through a fully legitimate right, as it was said to the Twelve: katêsesthe,  “you will sit”.


Does the final Secret of Fatima allude to this terrible teaching of Scripture touching on the “last times”? Sister Lucia’s insistence on “the diabolical wave sweeping over the world” seems to us an indication.

Does it not mean, in effect, that we are living in the time of the triumph of the anti-Christ powers? If the Secret really does announce the great apostasy, how could it not refer more or less explicitly to Saint Paul’s prophecy where it is precisely this apostasy in question, inseparable from the “mystery of iniquity” at work in the world and the triumph of the Impious one in the Church’s very bosom?


Bishop Venancio, who had probably received precise orders of John XXIII and then Paul VI, was always extremely discreet on the subject of the third Secret. But as the Bishop of Fatima, he was probably aware of certain elements of its contents, either through Sister Lucy or through Pope John XXIII.

In view of the celebration of the Fatima Jubilee, on July 25, 1966, he published a pastoral letter, where the few lines concerning the third Secret are worth retaining our attention. “Fatima has not yet said its last word.” After explaining that these words of Cardinal Cerejeira concerning the third Secret have given rise to many illusory commentaries, the Bishop of Leiria continued:

“Neither has Fatima come to give reason to the prophets of imaginary world catastrophes. Fatima cannot be reduced to sensational prophecies of frightful wars… We affirm that Fatima is something much more serious than all that. Fatima, really, in this too, “actualizes” the whole evangelical meaning of a Church launched eschatologically towards a future which is, to be sure, most assuredly in God’s hands; but which, however, is continually threatened by the mystery of iniquity “which is already at work” (2 Thess. 2: 7).”

It would be astonishing that as he publicly brought up the question of the third Secret’s real contents – this “subject so difficult and even perilous”, as he himself says in his pastoral letter – Bishop Venancio would have cited by chance, and carelessly, “the mystery of iniquity already at work” spoken of by Saint Paul. This precise reference to the prophecy of the second chapter of the second epistle to the Thessalonians, in such a context and under the pen of a man as circumspect as Bishop Venancio, is undoubtedly significant.


Moreover, do we not know that the manifestation of the Impious or wicked one spoken of by the Apostle will be tied to the apostasy as its final development, before the final triumph and arrival of Christ Jesus?

“And then the wicked one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of His mouth and the brightness of His coming.” (2 Thess. 2: 8)

But does not the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have to prepare and immediately precede that of Her Son?

If this is so, do not the great apostasy and the revelation of the Impious one have to precede, in turn, the “final triumph” of the Immaculate Heart of Mary announced by the conclusion of the Secret? In the unfolding of the prophecies, the events predicted by Saint Paul seem to correspond to the same “intermediate period” as the one directly touched on by Our Lady’s third Secret.

We know that on July 6, 1851, Mélanie, the seer of La Salette, when writing down her secret so as to pass it on to Pope Pius IX, «asked the meaning of the word “infallibly”, and the correct spelling of the words “polluted city”, and “antichrist”.


What we also know with sure knowledge, because it is an unquestionable fact, is the frightful progress made by impiety in our modern society. It is not an illusion to say that no period of the world’s history has seen this impiety, denounced by Saint Paul, pushed to such a point.

At the dawn of the century, Saint Pius X, in his inaugural encyclical, E supremi apostolatus cathedra, made this observation, seized with fright. The apostolic office frightened him, he avowed, precisely for this reason:

“We felt a sort of terror, considering the disastrous conditions of humanity at the present hour. Can we ignore such a profound and grave evil, which at this moment much more than in the past, is working away at its very marrow and leading it to its ruin? You know what this malady is, Venerable Brethren, it is the abandoning of God and apostasy from Him; and without any doubt, nothing leads more surely to ruin, according to these words of the prophet: “Those who depart far from You perish.” (Ps. 72: 27)

“We understood that it belonged to Us, in virtue of the pontifical office entrusted to Us, to provide a remedy for such a great evil. We believed that this order of God was addressed to Us: ‘Behold, today I set you over nations and kingdoms, to tear down and destroy, to build up and to plant’. ” (Jer. 1: 10) Further on, he denounces “the impious war which has been stirred up, and which continues almost everywhere, against God…”

What is the remedy?

“It is necessary, by every means, and at the price of any effort, to uproot entirely this monstrous and detestable iniquity proper to the times we are living in, and through which man substitutes himself for God.”

And Saint Pius X, referring to the text we have just commented on, goes so far as to state that the Apostle’s prophecy has perhaps begun being fulfilled in our century:

“Truly, whoever ponders these things must necessarily and firmly fear whether such a perversion of minds is not the sign announcing, and the beginning of the last times, and that the Son of Perdition spoken of by the Apostle (2 Thess. 2: 3) might already be living on this earth. So great is the audacity and so great the rage with which religion is mocked everywhere, and the dogmas of the faith are fought against, there is a stubborn effort to completely suppress man’s duties towards God!”

“Now this, according to the same Apostle, is the character proper to Antichrist; man, with unspeakable temerity, has usurped the place of the Creator, lifting himself above everything that bears the name of God. It has reached such a point that, being powerless to completely extinguish in himself the notion of God, he nevertheless shakes off the yoke of His Majesty, and dedicates the visible world to himself in the guise of the temple, where he pretends to receive the adoration of his own kind… “He sits in the temple of God, and gives himself out as if he were God” (2 Thess. 2: 4).”

Saint Pius X gave this frightening diagnosis of the situation of the world on October 4, 1903. Who could dispute that since this date, the same evils he denounced then have only grown, and in gigantic proportions? What would he say today, when the atheistic, satanic Bolshevik Revolution is relentlessly extending to the entire planet… with the active complicity of so many leaders of the Church? [Ed. note: Today, dialectical materialism is the scourge both within and without the Church and seems firmy entrenched worldwide through the COVID tyranny.]

What would he say when the most scandalous immorality, [Ed.: that is, the  institutionalized perversion in society and even in the Vatican itself.]  and when murder on a grand scale, is permitted and encouraged by the law in once Catholic nations? What would he say, now that Modernism, the “synthesis of all heresies”, manifests itself openly and enjoys the favour, or benevolent tolerance, of all the Pastors? In a century, the evil has grown beyond measure and penetrated the very heart of the Church; indeed, it has reached its highest summit.

*  *  *

. Ed. Note: Below, Frère Michel demonstrates how eloquently Pope Paul VI, in his closing speech for the Second Vatican Council, expressed the program of the enthroned enemy, of which  Saint Pius X had warned.]

*  *  *


One  text alone is sufficient to show the immense distance covered, in falling into the abyss of apostasy. It is the discourse of Pope Paul VI on December 7, 1965, for the closing of the Council. It is impossible to reread these words, pronounced on such a solemn occasion, without pointing out the resemblances that impose themselves – both with the prophecy of the Apostle, as well as the interpretation clearly inspired by the Spirit given to us by Pius X, the saintly Pope of the twentieth century. Here is the essential passage, but the discourse is completely in the same vein:

“The Church of the Council, it is true… has been very much occupied with man, with man such as he proposes himself in reality to our time: living man, man completely occupied with himself, man who makes himself not only the centre of everything that interests him, but who dares to proclaim himself the principle and ultimate reason of all reality. This whole phenomenal man, that is, clothed with his innumerable appearances, has been placed before the assembly of Council Fathers…”

“Secularizing and profane humanism has appeared finally in its terrible stature, and has, in a certain sense, defied the Council. The religion of God Who became man has encountered the religion (for it is one) of man who makes himself God.”

“What happened? A clash, a battle, an anathema? This could have happened; but it did not take place. The old story of the Samaritan has been the model of the Council’s spirituality. An unlimited sympathy (sic) has pervaded it completely. The discovery of human needs (and they are all the greater, to the degree that the son of the earth [sic] makes himself greater) has absorbed our Synod’s attention. Recognize for it at least this merit, you modern humanists, who deny the transcendence of the highest things, and recognize our new humanism: we too, we more than anybody, have the cult of man.”


‘Secularizing and profane humanism’, the ‘religion of man who makes himself God’, this is undoubtedly the Marxist religion – for it is a religion – and even more, the Masonic religion. But according to Saint Paul, and according to the entire, unanimous Catholic tradition up to Saint Pius X, up to Pius XII,  this is precisely the religion of the Impious one, the religion of Antichrist.

[Ed: And note too, regarding Paul VI’s quote above, the following quote from Apocalypse 13, 11: “And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.” In this prophecy, “the earth” refers to the Church. Thus, Pope Paul refers to the work of Lucifer within the Church at the top.]

Well, now! Towards this open, shameless Impiety, the supreme sin which Saint Paul abominates because it is satanic in its very essence, because it is the sin of the “Son of perdition”, who provokes God’s just wrath and merits eternal damnation – faced with “this monstrous and detestable iniquity proper to the times we are living in, and through which man substitutes himself for God”, as Saint Pius X said – the Council felt no animosity, Pope Paul VI declares to us. On the contrary, before this “son of the earth”, this “modern humanist” who today makes himself “greater” than ever in his open revolt against God, “an unlimited sympathy has pervaded the entire Council”.

For the first time, between the Ministers of God and the children of Belial, between the Vicar of Christ and the henchmen of the Adversary, there was neither a clash, nor a battle, nor an anathema. No, “a current of affection and admiration has overflowed from the Council over the modern human world”.  It is hardly necessary to make it clear that neither Jesus, Who “is Love” (1 Jn. 4: 8), nor Saint John His Evangelist, nor Saint Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, had ever thought of interpreting “the old story [sic] of the Samaritan” this way. This new exegesis confuses the victim – “the man who fell among robbers” and was left by them “half dead”, over whom the “Good Samaritan”, Jesus Himself, lovingly bends – with the murderers, the “lawless men” which here mean Satan and his henchmen. [Ed Note: See here the correspondence between Pope Paul and Pope Francis. And also see our post on The Judas Complex and Pope Francis.]


Is not this fallacious exegesis, instead, one of the “lying prodigies” of which Saint Paul speaks to the Thessalonians? And one wonders: by what “misleading influence, that they may believe falsehood” (2 Thess. 2: 11-12), not a single one of the 2,400 bishops present dared to denounce, immediately, the Impiety of such statements? Only one priest had the farsightedness and the courage to do so at that very moment, and untiringly since then, even going so far as to complain about it openly to the Pope in 1973, making it the “capital accusation” of his Liber accusationis.

Quoting and commenting on this Discourse of December 7, 1965, “a discourse, it is certain, such as there has never been in the Church’s annals, and never will be again, this discourse which culminates in the proclamation, before the face of the world and the Face of God, of the cult of Man”, our Father [Frère Michel refers here to the Abbe de Nantes, whose own apostolate was usurped after his death]  wrote:

“See how this sentiment of immoderate love leads you to be reconciled with the Goliath of the modern World, to bend your knees before the Enemy of God, which defies you and hates you. Instead of taking courage and fighting, like David, against the Adversary, you declare yourself full of love for him, you adulate him and before long you place yourself at his exclusive service! Your charity idolizes and serves the Enemy of God, and to flatter him, you go so far as to rival him in his error, even in his blasphemy. ‘You are making a covenant with man, who makes himself God! You claim to surpass them all, these atheistic humanists of our time, mad with pride, in the fact of the cult of man.’

One shudders to think that Pope Paul VI pronounced this impious discourse, where he dared to proclaim openly his own «cult of man», seated on his throne at Saint Peter’s, at Rome itself.

Has not the hour come to recite once more, with Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, his prophetic “Prière embrasée”, beseeching God to intervene to save “His Church, so weakened and so soiled by the crimes of its children”, to extinguish the raging fire of apostasy, which is in the process of devouring it:


“Tempus faciendi, Domine, dissipaverunt legem tuam: it is time, Lord, to do what You have promised to do. Your Divine Law is transgressed, Your Gospel is abandoned, the torrents of iniquity flood the entire world, and even carry away Your servants, the whole earth is desolate, Impiety is on the throne, your Sanctuary has been profaned and the Abomination is even in the Holy Place (Dan. 9: 27; Mt. 24: 15). Oh, permit me to shout everywhere: Fire, fire, fire! Help, help, help! Fire in God’s house, fire in souls, fire even in the Sanctuary!”

Is it not this same prophetic warning, this same vehement appeal which the Immaculate Virgin Herself came to give the Church, in the triple Secret of July 13, 1917?

“Fire in souls”: this is the first part of the Secret, the vision of hell.

“Fire in God’s house”: this is Christendom threatened by the Bolshevik conflagration, [that is, the spread of the errors of Russia].

“Fire in the Sanctuary”: this is the devastating apostasy, which has reached even the summit of the Church. It is the prophecy of the Third Secret.

[End of quote from Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité.]

It should be obvious that no one is proposing that Pope Paul VI was the Antichrist, but that clearly he served the agenda of antichrist, and today we see his successor, Francis, in a similar light, not The Antichrist, but rather, perhaps, his final predecessor; relentlessly advancing the same agenda, which is now reaching its culmination. We have also indicated, in a previous post that the 50 year anniversary of the preliminary enthronement, most likely occurred in June, 2013, once Bergoglio had ascended to the papacy, thus granting the antichristic powers complete control over the Church. For the moment, it seems as though they have won.

St. Hildegard’s Prophecies

Now is the time to review our posts on St. Hildegard’s prophecies, here and here.

The reason I continue to stress this point is that we really must grasp this one fact: there is nothing that we can do that is as important as living the message of Fatima. Rosary. First Saturdays, Scapular. Consecration. Sacrificial spirit in all our daily duties. Avoiding the comfortable sins of everyday life that permeate our surroundings. With every heart beat, every breath: love for Our Lady. Love for Our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Reparative love. Sacrificial love.

And here’s the thing. Many will be tempted to think they were misled. We are so used to instant gratification today that if we do not see the east coast of the United States washed away in a tsunami, or an immediate muslim takeover of Rome, we will think our penance in vain. Penance is never in vain. I hope I have documented that it is the will of Our Lady – and more, it is the will of God – that we do this, whether or not we see any results at all. For we are told by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself,  “As in the days of Noah …”

Thank you  for reading and sharing our posts!

The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. 1

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The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. 3


Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Open your hearts to the Lord and serve Him only: and He will free you from the hands of your enemies. With all your heart return to Him, and take away from your midst any strange gods” (I Kings 7:3)

†  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.


~ by evensong, for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin. Give me strength against thine enemies.

Reparation – A Secret of Mercy for Sinners

Reparation, A Secret of Mercy
posted on : February 20, 2021 posted by : evensong


Today’s essay is from Frere Michel de la Saint Trinite, The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. II.


After enumerating the five blasphemies which gravely offend His Most Holy Mother, Our Lord gave Sister Lucia the decisive explanation which allows us to penetrate into the secret of Her Immaculate Heart, which overflows with mercy for all sinners, even those who scorn and outrage Her:

“See, My daughter, the motive for which the Immaculate Heart of Mary inspired Me to ask for this little reparation, and in consideration of it, to move My mercy to pardon souls who have had the misfortune of offending Her. As for you, always seek by your prayers and sacrifices to move My mercy to pity for these poor souls.”


Here we have one of the principal themes of the message of Fatima: since God has decided to manifest more and more His great design of love, which is to grant all graces to men through the mediation of the Immaculate Virgin, it seems that their refusal to submit with docility to what God wills is the fault which most gravely wounds His Heart, and for which He no longer finds in Himself any inclination to pardon them.

This sin seems unforgivable, because for Our Saviour there is no crime more unpardonable than to despise His Most Holy Mother and to outrage Her Immaculate Heart, which is the Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit. This is committing “the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will not be forgiven in this world or in the next.” Continue reading “Reparation – A Secret of Mercy for Sinners”