Litany and Novena to Our Lady of Victory

We offer the  Novena to Our Lady of Victory to be prayed from 28 September (tomorrow)  to the eve of her feastday, that is, 6 October. At Lepanto, 7 October, 1571, Our Lady of the Rosary triumphed over the muslims who were determined to eradicate the Catholic faith from the world. Today, she stands ready to deliver an even more impressive victory, asking only a humble and contrite obedience to her requests at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. The same dark power that waged a bloody war against the Bride of Christ in the muslim wars against the Church is even now locked in a mortal combat with the Woman who will, in God’s time, crush its hateful head.

The following Litany and its accompanying prayers, when combined with our Lady’s Holy Rosary form the basis for our Novena to Our Lady of Victory. Continue reading “Litany and Novena to Our Lady of Victory”