Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In His revelations to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque from 1673-1675, Our Lord Jesus Christ asked that He be “honored under the figure of His heart of flesh …  environed with flames, crowned with thorns, and surmounted by a cross”.  The Divine Mercy devotion removes the Sacred Heart from the image of Jesus.

It seems self-evident that there is a contradiction here. Did Jesus ever explain to Sister Faustina why He changed His mind? Let’s discuss this.

In His approved revelations to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Our Lord specifically asked for devotion to the image of His Sacred Heart.

In the words of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque:

“One day, on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, after Holy Communion, the Heart of Jesus was represented to me as on a throne, formed of fire and flames, shedding rays on every side and brighter than the sun. The wound which He received upon the Cross was clearly visible; a crown of thorns encircled the Sacred Heart, and it was surmounted by a cross.

“Our divine Savior gave me to understand that those instruments of the Passion signified that the source of all His sufferings had been the boundless love of His Heart for men; that all those torments and insults had been placed before Him, from the first moment of His Incarnation; and that the Cross was, so to say, planted in His Heart, from that moment. And then, from that same moment, He accepted all the sorrows and humiliations which His sacred humanity was to suffer during the course of His mortal life, together with all the outrages to which He was to expose Himself to the end of time for the love of mankind by dwelling amongst them in the Blessed Sacrament.”

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