La Salette – Thoughts on the Symbols, 2022

Our Lady appeared 176 years ago at La Salette, France, September 19, 1846. Today’s post is the second of our two posts on the Prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette.

Today, a brief discussion on the symbols we see in the Vision of La Salette and their possible meaning to us now.

A reader has asked me about the depiction of Our Lady of La Salette, “She appears weeping profusely, and dressed in a distinctive manner, is there some special meaning behind this?”  I will venture a few impressions, but dear readers, please feel free to offer your own opinions or those of others.

The first impression, regarding her tears, is that she is sorrowful because of the betrayal of her children, and this is especially poignant to her in her most beloved priests. Although this was not as obvious at the time, in the mid-19th century as it is today, the betrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ by His priests is one of the deepest wounds of Our Lord’s present Passion in the Church. When Our Blessed Mother cries, how can her children be indifferent?
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